Be Our Valentine – Join Our Board!

As we embark on 2019 in a new studio with expanded membership, we are looking for passionate partners to contribute to our growth.

Our board of dedicated artists and program organizers seeks enthusiastic ambassadors to join our core working team – our board – to shape our programs, events, membership and capacity together. Details below!

Show your love for The Soapbox by nominating someone for our team.

Please complete a Nomination Form to recommend a candidate (by February 14), or submit a Statement of Interest if you’d like to nominate yourself (by February 21). Curious? Attend our Board Information Session on Monday, February 18, from 6:30 – 7:30.

Our core team of working board members seeks inquiries from passionate individuals interested in contributing to The Soapbox community. Expertise or desire to get involved in the following areas is especially needed:

  • Fundraising/development;
  • Communications, marketing, and outreach;
  • Member coordination;
  • Program planning.

Board members lead or guide ongoing operations while guiding The Soapbox’s long-term mission work. They are enthusiastic ambassadors for The Soapbox, sharing our work with their communities. A love and appreciation of the handmade – specifically book, zine, print, and paper – is helpful to understanding our mission, as is a commitment to community and social justice.

We welcome and appreciate applications from people of all backgrounds, spanning age, race, class, and gender. If you would like to be considered for the board, please fill submit a Statement of Interest by February 14. To nominate another individual, please complete our Nomination Form by February 1.  For more about The Soapbox, visit or email us with questions.


Roles: Board members should anticipate leading activity in their designated area (such as the areas outlined above), and may provide some support as needed on other tasks, e.g. contributing to planning an annual fundraising event, while acting collaboratively to steer the organization.

Term: Board terms are for two years and renewable. Typically board terms begin in January, but we are looking to add new members in February/March.

Required Meetings: Attend approximately 8 – 10 meetings per year, a mix of board meetings and administrative meetings with a broader group. One annual day-long board retreat is required each year (tentatively scheduled for August 10, 2019).


  • 100% Board Giving. We ask for all board members to support our work through a donation each year at a level that is personally significant – whether that is $1 or $1 million.
  • Working Board. As a small, volunteer run organization, we anticipate that board members will give of their time and expertise outside of board meetings, at a level that accommodates each individual’s interest, availability, and strengths while continuing to support the mission of The Soapbox. Anticipated commitment ranges from 10 to 20 hours per month of work, depending on board member capacity and role.

Benefits: The Soapbox – both the board and the studio and library audience – fosters a rewarding community of creative and dedicated individuals. Board members develop new relationships and shape what takes place at The Soapbox at this exciting time of growth, ensuring its success.

Insurance: The Soapbox carries Directors & Officers Liability Insurance.

Here are some great articles about serving on a non-profit board for those with questions!

We’ll be happy to tell you more about serving on our board! Drop us a line at

Statement of Interest Form due February 14.

Nomination Form requested by February 1.