Featured Zine: Gender Comic

Featured Zine: Gender Comic

Review by Amalia Avilés-Lugo

The “Gender comic” zine by Anne Buckwalter can be found in the Feminism section of the collection at The Soapbox’s Zine Library. This pamphlet-stitch comic is printed on purple paper and includes a pink fold page. It is, as the title suggests, a comic that approaches gender topics from personal experience and a base of feminist theory.

One of my favorite traits is the two little creatures that accompany us through our reading, sharing humorous thoughts outside of the vignettes. Anne takes us through her journey of creating this book. She shares personal family and school dynamics that some may share from growing up a ‘girl’. “Gender comic” also approaches topics such as rape culture, gender performance, human equal rights activism, among other gender related topics.

This zine is an example of feminist empowerment through academic research. It gets even better as the author narrates and illustrates the powerful gesture of validating others’ preferences and recognizing identity discovery processes as important. My favorite is the pink fold page that includes a chart on preferred gender pronouns.

Besides aesthetically pleasant and very educational, this zine keeps a formidable balance between graphic and theoretical research. And if that were not enough, it includes a juicy bibliography and bonus music playlist. What are you waiting for? Come and read it! (Ed. note: Safely, when The Soapbox reopens!)