Inviting Board Member Nominations

The Soapbox: Community Print Shop & Zine Library is seeking two new working board members as we prepare to re-open in an expanded location.

Our core team of four working board members seeks inquiries from anyone who is interested in contributing to The Soapbox community. Expertise or desire to get involved in the following areas is especially needed:

  • fundraising;
  • communications, marketing, and outreach;
  • and in 2017, construction and renovation projects.

Board members lead daily operations while guiding The Soapbox’s long-term mission work. A love and appreciation of the handmade – specifically book, zine, print, and paper – is helpful to understanding our mission, as is a commitment to community and social justice.

We welcome and appreciate applications from people of all backgrounds, spanning age, race, class, and experience. Please contact us at if you are interested or would like to nominate someone. For more about The Soapbox, visit or email us with questions. We will follow up with all interested parties to schedule a discussion.

The Details:
Meetings: Approximately 6-8 times per year, with some committee or ad hoc meetings in between.*

Term: Board terms are for two years and renewable. Typically board terms begin in January, but we are also interested in involving prospective board members sooner.

Requirements: 100% Board Giving. We ask for all board members to support our work through a donation each year at a comfortable level – whether that is $1 or $1 million.

Working Board:  As a small, volunteer run organization, we anticipate that board members will give of their time and expertise outside of board meetings, at a level that accommodates each individual’s interest, availability, and strengths while continuing to support the mission of The Soapbox. Current board members estimate that they put in 10-15 hours per month of work.*

Insurance: The Soapbox carries Directors & Officers Liability Insurance.

*It is worth noting that our current board is carrying an increased commitment presently as we prepare to make this transition.

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We’ll be happy to tell you more about serving on our board! Drop us a line at Letters of interest for 2018-19 Board terms are due October 29.