10 hours per week (some work hours will be flexible; must be available to work during our weekly Open Hours, Sundays 1 – 5pm, Wednesdays 5 – 9pm as needed)

$20 per hour

The Soapbox seeks applications for a new position: the Studio & Membership Facilitator supports the in-studio experience of studio members and visitors, fostering a nurturing, welcoming, and supportive environment while ensuring a well-functioning studio. This is done through the following activities: 

  • Oversees the upkeep and maintenance of The Soapbox’s physical space and resources, including ordering supplies (30% or 12 hours per month)
    • Raise larger issues to board and studio area coordinators as needed.
    • Delegates supply inventory to Fellows, updates inventory documents and systems as needed, delegates receiving and organizing supplies to Fellows.
    • Need to spell out the line between this paid role and studio area coordinators. Primary responsibility for general studio areas, keeping areas of heavy use in good working order. (But some things like oil presses should be done by area coordinators until more time can be allotted….)
    • Submit purchase requests to executive and order approved supplies; submit Tax Exempt form to suppliers to ensure no payment of sales tax; Submit all receipts to QBO/Bookkeeper/Treasurer
    • Respond to facilities emergencies as needed; makes call on Open Hours as issues arise (extreme weather, last minute Fellows call out) (Note: pandemic response will be directed by Board)
  • Delegation of tasks to Fellows (30% or 12 hours per month or 3 hours per week)
    • Delegation of tasks to Fellows from area coordinators. Receive and prioritize Fellows tasks from studio area coordinators.
    • Inventory and space org as listed above.
    • Participate in and supplement Fellows training (with Fellows Program supervisors)
  • Provides in-studio skills assessment and/or orientation for new members (20% or 8 hours per month)
    • Includes enhanced training for Fellows (is this the coordinator, or can we handle some of this through workshops?)
  • Email or phone communication as follows (10% or 4 hours per month):
    • Respond to studio-specific inquiries / complaints from members using member-to-member communication channel and shared studio@ email address.
    • Communication with landlord about maintenance issues or refer to Executive Committee when needed. 
    • Check info@ address, referring emails to others as needed.
    • Seek communications support from Studio & Membership Committee where needed, i.e. communications needs exceed time allotted.
  • Attends and participates in monthly Studio & Membership Committee meetings (5% or 2 hours per month)
    • Raise operational issues and areas for improvement to board and studio area coordinators as needed.
  • Other tasks: (5% or 2 hours per month)
    • Oversees Studio Operations Assistant (cleaner), forwarding approved invoices to Treasurer (1%)
    • Collaborates with Programming for in-studio workshop needs as follows (1%)
      • Identifies process for programming to reserve studio space
      • Advocates for appropriate balance between programming and member access to studio
    • May participate in review of member applications in collaboration with Studio & Membership Committee
    • Communicates with members about breaches of protocol.
    • Gives feedback about position duties and structures to board so we can evolve this position to best serve the needs of The Soapbox while creating a manageable and rewarding work environment for the employee.
    • Seeks support from board members where task needs outstrip hours allotted.
    • Check the mail. (Review contents and distribute.) 
    • Check the Suggestions box.
  • May facilitate member engagement activities or recruitment activities as assigned.
  • May support Soapbox fee-for-service activities with screen preparation, shipping, as needed. Occasional opportunity to work additional hours, as approved, on a contract basis for fee-for-service projects.


  • PTO
  • Comp workshop spots during onboarding period and throughout for professional development
  • Keyholder studio access (value of $1,200)
  • Potential for additional work hours on an as-needed contract basis if desired

Qualifications & Experience:

The ideal candidate will:

  • Be well-versed in a range of Soapbox studio processes (screenprinting, letterpress printing, relief printing, papermaking, book and/or zine making)
  • Diligent attention to process and procedures, whether it’s a studio process or internal organizational protocol
  • Have experience in creative studio management and operations, whether through teaching or through shop tech experience
  • Have stellar time and priorities management skills to juggle multiple responsibilities within a part-time position
  • Be friendly and diplomatic, working well with others. This person will need to work with a wide range of individuals, from members to volunteers to visitors to board members. 
  • Have strong written and oral communication skills.
  • Experience with or comfort learning Soapbox project management systems including Google Suite and forms and Asana.
  • Be able to work independently, while maintaining strong communication about their activities and areas where support is needed.
  • Needs to be able to lift and move boxes and other studio items.

The Soapbox welcomes and appreciates applications from people of all backgrounds, spanning age, race, class, sexuality, ability, gender, and more. The Soapbox is committed to celebrating a diverse community and to extending opportunities to qualified applicants on an equal basis regardless of race, class, gender, ability, and identity.

To Apply:

Please submit a letter of interest and resume to apply [at] phillysoapbox.org.

Internal candidates should also email the Executive Committee to notify them of their Intent to Apply.

Please direct any questions about the position or application to info [at] phillysoapbox.org, using the subject line “Facilitator Position”.

Process and Timeline:

Priority review will be given to applications received by October 1, 2021. 

The Soapbox anticipates conducting a first round of phone interviews in October, followed by a second round of in-person interviews in early November. We seek to have this position start no later than January 1, and potentially sooner.