There are several ways to join The Soapbox.

SOAPBOX SUPPORTERS pay a small annual fee to help support all we do at The Soapbox, from maintaining library supplies to hosting events to outreach activities to small run publications to studio improvements. Soapbox Supporters receive Member Discounts on all workshops. Become a Soapbox Supporter here: Sliding scale fee, $25 to $50.

STUDIO MEMBERS have access to our Printing, Binding, and Papermaking Studios for independent work when we re-open at 4700 Kingsessing in 2017.

Studio members have access to printing, binding, and papermaking in our studios in the company of fellow self-publishing enthusiasts, as well as receiving discounts on workshops and exhibition and sales opportunities. Anyone who joins ahead of our opening will have orientation fees waived, with membership commencing our first full month of open hours.

Keyholder Members have 24-7 access to our studios, as well as a dedicated storage drawer. Rates are $95/month with a 12 month commitment, $105/month with a 6 month commitment, or $120/month with a 3 month commitment. Membership pending application approval. (Please email us if you are interested.)

Open Hours Members can work in the studios for 24 hours each month during scheduled hours (TBA – expect one weekend session and one weeknight session each week). They pay either $25/month (no minimum) or $15/mo plus 4 volunteer hours per month (minimum 3 month commitment). Application forms can be found here: SoapboxMemberFormOpenHours2016.

Work Exchange Members trade their time for keyholder membership over a 6 month period. These memberships are key in keeping The Soapbox open and operating smoothly. Work Exchange Members should be experienced printers/bookmakers/papermakers who can work a weekly four-hour shift. In return, they receive a key to the space and 24-7 access to the studios. Limited availability – and a great opportunity to have a say in shaping The Soapbox in its new space. Please contact us if you are interested in this opportunity.

Studio Members will be required to attend a regularly scheduled Member Orientation prior to working in the studio. Members also take part in a variety of opportunities that assist The Soapbox in fostering a community of partnership. Come be inspired!

Possible volunteer opportunities include overseeing our studios during Open Hours, keeping inventory of our supplies, planning an event or exhibit, facilitating a Skill Share, outreach, printing Soapbox materials, or tabling with us at a Zine Fest.

To learn more about membership or anything else, feel free to contact us.