The Soapbox benefits for the hard work and enthusiasm of our volunteers. From building our great catalog and ensuring zines are properly arranged and cared for, to helping out with special events, maintaining our studio, and helping to get the word out about our events,  we would never be where we are without them. Below are short bios of just a few of the people who make everything work. To join the team, contact us and let us know you’re interested!

Our Volunteers:

Alexandria is new to the zine and print making community, but not to the process of categorizing and filing large amounts of data. As she organizes the library she hopes to get more involved in the other aspects of the workshop, especially zine publishing

Kerri is a philly transplant who has been involved with the zine community since she was an angsty teenager. She strongly believes in what zines stand for: a diy ethic of writing/publishing, accessibility to the written word, and the free spreading of ideas. She recently graduated from upenn with her masters and gets academically excited about using zines as a literacy/education tool. She currently does the zine Deafula, a perzine about her experiences being deaf.

scott-with-hoopScott is a librarian and web developer who’s wondering if it’s too late to rethink these get-rich-quick schemes. He enjoys working with the Soapbox Zine Library and runs Palilogy Press, the most successful publishing venture currently operating out of Scott’s house. When recently asked about his refusal, on moral grounds, to cash in his winning lottery ticket, Scott is quoted as saying, “wait, what?”

Our Work Exchange Members:


Dre Grigoropol specializes in comics – see Dre’s website for examples.





jenmariejars JenMarie Macdonald is a writer and bookmaker living near Philadelphia. With Travis Macdonald, she runs Fact-Simile Editions (www.fact-simile.com) and writes collaborative chapbooks like Graceries (Horse Less Press) and forthcoming Bigger On the Inside (ixnay press). She is the author of Sometime Soon Ago (Shadow Mountain) and a forthcoming pair of essays on bookmaking called Home/Wreck (DoubleCross Press).

Taylor Quinn is an illustrator and printmaker.

Our Core Organizing Team:

nd_headshotNicole Donnelly is a papermaker, printmaker, and book artist, a zine enthusiast, and a lover of things handmade. She is also the current Treasurer for the Soapbox. She operates paperTHINKtank in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia and is the President of IAPMA.


Katie Haegele is a creative nonfiction writer and a longtime zine maker. She has published essays and reviews in a number of publications and has written two books, a memoir called White Elephants and an essay collection called Slip of the Tongue. But when it comes to publishing, the punky, scrappy, democratic medium of zines is her true love.


Anna Lehr Mueser is a book artist and printmaker, with a background in writing and environmental advocacy. Currently a member-at-large of The Soapbox board, her experience includes fundraising and non-profit public relations.  She works at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education and is a Masters student in environmental studies at the University of Pennsylvania.

10265481_10152397912081361_4714566214713181134_oMary Tasillo is a printmaker, book maker, papermaker, cake baker, and trouble maker. After years of printing on borrowed time in other printmaking studios, she and Charlene started The Soapbox from dreams, hot air, and elbow grease. You can learn more about her art work at www.citizenhydra.net or at www.bookbombs.net. A web search might reveal a varied career displaying strong teaching and administrative experience. A detective’s search might reveal that she likes cooking elaborate things, singing along to the stereo, very long walks across the city, and papermaking above all else.