Soapbox Member Profile: Evan McGonagill

Soapbox Member Profile: Evan McGonagill

In honor of our STEP UP THE SOAPBOX campaign to support our expansion, we’d like to tell you about some of our members.

Katie Haegele sat down with member Evan McGonagill:

What’s your area of specialty / background in art?
No formal training, but I have conducted informal explorations in book-making, print-making, and photography.

Do you have any favorite zines?
Secret Bully by Cynthia Ann Schemmer. I also love Justin Duerr‘s autobiographic comic book/zine, which is planned as a series but may still have only the first issue out.

What project are you proudest of that you made or worked on at The Soapbox? Do you have a photo you’d like to share?
For a long time I was working on a screen printed image of a bee for a set of stationery and envelopes, which came out of an idea I had about pollination and communication through the mail system. It took dozens of iterations to get the level of visual detail that I wanted, partially because I was an inexperienced screen printer, but that made the success of the completed product all the more rewarding. Mary Tasillo and Anna Lehr Mueser were a tremendous help and coached me throughout the process.

Perhaps you’ll join us in the new year. Discounted memberships are available through our campaign, or you can join here.