Soapbox Member Profile: Rachel Korman

Soapbox Member Profile: Rachel Korman

In honor of our STEP UP THE SOAPBOX campaign to support our expansion, we’d like to tell you about some of our members.

Katie Haegele sat down with Rachel Korman, a member until her recent move back to Toronto.

What drew you to The Soapbox?
I was new to Philadelphia and was looking for community spaces that I could become involved with and connected to. I wanted to meet new people who cared about similar things, and I especially wanted to share my love of zines with like-minded folks. I also was looking to get more experience creating things since I was a total art baby. I found the Soapbox online, visited once and knew that it suited me immediately!

What’s your area of specialty / background in art?
My first instinct here is to say “I have no specialty or background in art except for supporting it”. Which is essentially true, BUT I learned through my time at the Soapbox and through my more recent creative outlets that I can find artistic notions in non-traditional forms of my creation. I don’t know if this counts but right now I’m working on perfecting my bread-baking (sourdough bread-baking is an art form in and of itself!) and sometimes I make interesting shapes with the dough. I also love decorating cakes and pies. I don’t know if that’s art but I’m telling myself that it is.

Do you have any favorite zines?
One of my favourite zines is “Wild Fermentation: A Do-it-yourself Guide to Cultural Manipulation” by Sandor Ellix Katz. I could tell the moment that I matured as a cook when I finally found Sandor’s approach to recipes- a “here are vague guidelines but do whatever you want” approach- as freeing rather than terrifying and nondescript. I love this zine and am thankful in the ways that it has inspired me to be confident, embrace experimentation, and have a happy belly.

What project are you proudest of that you made or worked on at The Soapbox?
I made a million holiday cards one year using the letterpress which was so rewarding and made me want to produce any and all forms of correspondence using a letterpress. However, the project that I’m the most proud of is a print I made for my mom a couple of years back that I sent to her for Christmas. I had never screen printed before and even though I had been helping out in the Soapbox studio and watching others print, I was nervous to do it myself. Fellow Soapbox members were so supportive, helped me throughout the project and completely demystified the process for me. It was a very fulfilling project even before I sent it to my mom!


The print is a picture of a starfish with a quote from her favourite Donovan song that we used to listen to a lot together when I was young. She loved the print so much that she cried. Making your mom cry happy tears is the ultimate source of pride so this definitely takes the cake.

Perhaps you’ll join us in the new year. Discounted memberships are available through our campaign, or you can join here.