Zines, punk, diversity, and inclusion

This summer, The Soapbox partnered with AIGA Philadelphia to present a zine-making workshop. We here at The S have done lots of zine workshops over the years, but this one was special: It was prepared with the idea of diversity in mind. Stacey Toseland, who belongs to AIGA’s Women’s Leadership/Diversity & Inclusion Committee, approached us about teaching this class because she thought that, as a medium, zines might be uniquely suited to addressing these ideas—and we agreed!

Soapbox member Katie Haegele led the workshop, which was open to the public, and started things off with a short talk on the history of zine publishing and punk organizing. The talk had a special focus on the women, queer folks, and people of color who have played important parts in that history. Katie describes the workshop this way:

“We talked about 20th-century duplicating machines, specifically mimeograph machines and photocopiers, which—once they became affordable and commonplace—put the means of publishing into people’s own hands. We also looked at Mimi Thi Nguyen’s classic zine Evolution of a Race Riot, and discussed Riot Grrrl and Homocore, two radical zines that sparked bona fide movements. Then we put on some good zine-making music and got to work.

“Everyone contributed their own page to a collaborate zine, and a few folks worked together to make the beautiful front cover pictured above. We were proud of the results, but maybe even more importantly, we enjoyed the opportunity the workshop gave us to meet new members of our community and connect on issues that concern us all.”

Photos courtesy Stacey Toseland