Donate to the Studio

Moving? On hiatus from a screenprinting hobby? Looking to get rid of that bag of wood type? The Soapbox welcomes donations of all kinds for its studio. We are especially interested in materials and equipment related to printmaking (see below), bookbinding, and zine making, but are also open to other supplies and tools that might be put to use by our members. Please email us a brief description of what you would like to donate to the studio, and if your donation meets our needs and space requirements, we can arrange a drop off time that is convenient for you.


General Supplies

    • Paper of all sizes and types


    • Mylar and newsprint


    • Blue tape (masking tape, esp. 1.25 to 3 in widths)


    • Pencils/Pens


    • Sponges


    Button maker

Digital / Printing / Office

    • Copy machine/laser printer



Print Studio

    • Ink for printing (screenprinting or letterpress/relief, oil or water-based)


    • Screens



    • Spatulas


    • Drying racks


    • Linoleum blocks


    • Linoleum Cutters


    • Brayers
      • Letterpress: Vandercook


    • Polymer plate base


    Polymer plate maker


    • Quoins and quoin keys


    • Leading and other spacing for type setting


      Wood Type

Binding and Paper Cutting

    • Exacto knives


    Cutting mats


      • Rulers, especially long ones, and tear bar


    • Quality scissors


    • Binding needles, thread, awls, bone folders, sewing cradle


    • Bookboard


    • Paint brushes


    • Foam brayers




    Quality paper cutter/board shear