Zine Donation

The Zine Library operates on the basis of donations, in the form of money, time and zines. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us and let us know. If you are interested in donating zines — either that you have created or that you own — this is the page for you!

Why Donate Zines?

The Zine Library works to promote self-publishing by offering examples of how zines are used to enhance self expression. We currently hold zines that vary widely in terms of both content and structure, and are always on the look out for more. By donating zines to the Library, you are helping us further our goal.

And let’s not forget, zines are to be read! By donating zines to the Library, you are ensuring that the zines will be open to the public and promoted.

What Will Happen to the Zines that I Donate?

Zines that come into the Library get cataloged (see our catalog here) and arranged. Both the cataloging and the physical arrangement enable Library patrons to find the zines and give them the attention they deserve.

Does the Library Keep Every Zine that is Donated?

In the overwhelming majority of cases, we do keep everything that is donated to us. There are situations, however, that we do not.

Examples of why we might not keep a zine include:

  • Multiple Copies: if we already have more than two copies of a zine, we might not have the space to properly care for additional copies.
  • If a particular topic is already heavily represented in the collection. We hope to have space to show the many subjects and topics zines continue to explore. To ensure that this is possible, some subjects that are well represented already might need to be returned to allow for other subjects.

If the Library decides that any donated zines cannot be kept for any reason, we will happily contact the donor to ensure that the zines in question find a good home.

I’m Convinced! How do I Do I Donate?

If you would like to donate zines to the Library, please take a moment to fill out one of the following two forms :

(Please Note: You can either print and return, or fill out and email)

If you are donating zines that you have created: Zine Donation Form for Authors

If you are donating zines that you have not created: Zine Donation Form for Non-Authors