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Drypoint Etching with Recycled Materials

April 12, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

This 2-hour workshop will introduce students to a non-toxic form of intaglio printmaking using recycled materials that can be found at home.

Do you miss printmaking but are stuck at home without a press? Interested in learning intaglio methods, but intimidated by the costs and materials? This workshop will introduce students to a non-toxic form of intaglio printmaking using recycled materials that can be found at home. Using cardboard milk cartons, students will learn how to make a drypoint etching at home with or without a press. We will incorporate various drypoint and collagraph techniques to create our plates before pulling our prints using household tools. We will demonstrate various at-home printing techniques including using a pasta machine, a rolling pin, or various craft presses. Participants are welcome to use their own small press or one of the demonstrated techniques to pull their final prints. This online class requires students to have a device to join the class with reliable internet access.

Supplies Needed

Supplies needed for this workshop include paper milk cartons; scissors; etching needle or another pointy tool (like a clay tool); etching ink (https://bit.ly/3bxADSE); rags or wiping cloths for wiping the plate; small squeegee or old credit card, printmaking paper (this works well if you don’t have any lying around: https://bit.ly/3nHw2zw); basin for soaking paper (plastic container filled with water); paper towels or felts for drying paper; felts, scrap paper, and/or rubber lino plates for sandwiching prints; reference material (flipped horizontally. You will need one of the press options: a rolling pin, pasta machine (https://amzn.to/3nGqFkr); a craft press (like a Sizzix die cutting machine); or other home press you may have. Optional supplies include gloss medium and a brush; gloves; repositionable working light; and an exacto knife.

About the Instructor

Heather Steckler is a painter, printmaker, and collage artist from New Jersey. She graduated from the Tyler School of Art with a BFA in Painting in 2019. After graduating, she moved to Japan where she discovered the world of at home printmaking while living in her tiny Tokyo apartment. Now back in New Jersey, she spends a lot of her time creating art at home and sharing her passion and process of making with others online. You can learn more about her work on Instagram or tiktok @heathersteckler.


$15 Community / $30 Cost of Workshop / $45 Sponsor

In an effort to keep workshops accessible to as many as possible, while compensating our instructors fairly and covering Soapbox costs, we’re pleased to offer a sliding scale. Our “Cost of Workshop” rate is the real cost of our workshop, and we need most people to register at this rate to run the workshop. For those who are able, please consider selecting the “Sponsor” rate to allow someone who cannot afford the real cost to participate. If you are someone experiencing hardship, please register at the “Community” rate. In evaluating where you fall on the scale, we ask you to consider the difference between sacrifice (making trade-offs in my discretionary spending) vs. hardship (paying full cost for this workshop prevents me from meeting basic needs). For further guidance and information, visit http://www.phillysoapbox.org/sliding-scale/.


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