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Stab Bindings

May 22, 10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Both cathartic and simple, stab bindings are an efficient way to produce elegant books.

Both cathartic and simple, stab bindings are an efficient way to produce elegant books. Stab binding is a family of book binding techniques used for over two thousand years in most of East and Southeast Asia. Using thread to wrap around the spines, Asian stab bindings are an ideal way to bind loose sheets of paper together securely and thus are a very useful skill for zinemakers, artists, as well as book artists. The workshop begins by learning the basic foundation 4 hole stitch (yotsume toji) with the noble (kangxi) corner variation in order to make a thin, soft cover book. We will then create models to learn the hemp leaf (asa-no-ha toji) and tortoise shell (kikko toji) bindings. This set of bindings is ideal for absolute beginners.

This online class requires students to have a device to join the class with reliable internet access.


Supplies needed: a tool to poke holes with, needle, thread, copy paper, and a cereal box. An exhaustive supply list is here: https://tinyurl.com/y4obhwfh

About the Instructor

After a taste of simple glue based bookbinding in high school, Teresa Silva began to teach herself how to bind books from books she borrowed from the library. After a very brief interlude of learning to bind books properly from professionals (but not really becoming better at glue), she shifted her focus onto exposed spine, non-adhesive bindings as well as Asian stab bindings that can be made using simple tools and all sorts of easily procured materials. She has tested whether they can be sewn almost anywhere during her life as a broke archaeologist. Find her @ http://www.instagram.com/unwornworld


$15 Community / $30 Cost of Workshop / $45 Sponsor

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May 22
10:30 am - 12:30 pm


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