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Suminagashi and Paper Marbling

March 9, 6:00 pm - March 11, 8:00 pm

Take this two day paper marbling class, one of the most calming and meditative art processes.

Part One is March 9th from 6:00-8:00pm

Part Two is March 11th from 6:00-8:00pm

Feeling overwhelmed with everything that is going on in the world? Need a moment of Zen? Take this two day paper marbling class, one of the most calming and meditative art processes. It will bring joy without too much intense thinking. This class is great for everyone, whether you are new to art, or an experienced practitioner that who wants to enjoy some time at a colorful vat. Students will learn the marbling technique with acrylic paints, as well as Suminagashi, a traditional Japanese technique with Sumi ink. Students will watch the live demonstration and get started via Zoom, and will be able to ask questions via email up to a week following the workshop. This course is perfect for beginners to more practiced artists who would like to add a new technique to their creative arsenal.

About the Instructor

Instructor Evgenia Kim is a multidisciplinary artist. Originally from Uzbekistan, Kim resided in Moscow and Nashville, TN and currently lives and works in Philadelphia, PA. From books to a large installations, she uses her background and cultural upbringing to explore ideas of nostalgia, displacement and cultural belonging. Kim received her MFA in Painting and Book Arts and Printmaking from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA in 2019 and MFA in Painting from Moscow State Regional University, Russia in 2012.


$30 Community / $60 Cost of Workshop / $90 Sponsor

In an effort to keep workshops accessible to as many as possible, while compensating our instructors fairly and covering Soapbox costs, we’re pleased to offer a sliding scale. Our “Cost of Workshop” rate is the real cost of our workshop, and we need most people to register at this rate to run the workshop. For those who are able, please consider selecting the “Sponsor” rate to allow someone who cannot afford the real cost to participate. If you are someone experiencing hardship, please register at the “Community” rate. In evaluating where you fall on the scale, we ask you to consider the difference between sacrifice (making trade-offs in my discretionary spending) vs. hardship (paying full cost for this workshop prevents me from meeting basic needs). For further guidance and information, visit http://www.phillysoapbox.org/sliding-scale/.


Supplies needed for this workshop include

Carrageenan (https://www.talasonline.com/Carrageenan?quantity=1&weight=11)

Alum (https://www.talasonline.com/Alum?quantity=1&weight=7)

Suminagashi inks (https://www.dickblick.com/products/aitoh-boku-undo-suminagashi-marbling-kit/), any type of paper (fine art recommended) or fabric

cheap brushes

eye dropper

a tray for marbling (you can buy a professional one, but something like a deep baking sheet, a casserole dish, a vat/tub, or anything similar will work as well. Just remember that the size of the tray will determine the size of the paper you can marble with it)

any type/brand of acrylic paint

paper marbling comb or any kind of a sharp tool (awl, tooth pick, needle, etc), newsprint or newspapers

a drop of dish soap

cups/dishes/anything that you can use for ink/paint mixing.

This online class requires students to have a device to join the class with reliable internet access.


March 9, 6:00 pm
March 11, 8:00 pm


The Soapbox: Community Print Shop & Zine Library