Soapbox Member Profile: JenMarie Macdonald

Soapbox Member Profile: JenMarie Macdonald

In honor of our STEP UP THE SOAPBOX campaign to support our expansion, we’d like to tell you about some of our members.

Katie Haegele sat down with Work Exchange Member JenMarie Macdonald:

What first drew you to The Soapbox?
Last year I hosted [co-founder] Mary at a salon in which she talked about her own work as well as detailed her work at the Soapbox and opportunities available there. The expansiveness of creative possibility and community-oriented nature of the Soapbox that Mary described drew me to it.

What’s your area of specialty / background in art?
Through Fact-Simile Editions, I publish an annual literary magazine and make handmade poetry chapbooks, book arts, & ephemera. I also write poetry and creative nonfiction.


Do you have any favorite zines?
I’m more familiar with poetry chapbooks and magazines than I am with zines. But my favorite handmade poetry magazine is We Are So Happy to Know Something put out by the good people at DoubleCross Press and Productive Industries.

What project are you proudest of that you worked on at The Soapbox?
I’d never made paper before attending a workshop with Nicole Donnelly at the Soapbox. So my favorite thing I’ve worked on at the Soapbox are those fancy sheets.

Do you have any nice memories of events at The Soapbox that you’d like to share?
One Sunday during my work exchange hours, the front room was filled with people, wax, needles, thread, and unbound zines. And we sat on the floor and talked and laughed and made a huge pile of bound Eat Your Words zines.

Perhaps you’ll join us in the new year. Discounted memberships are available through our campaign, or you can join here.