Soapbox Member Profile: Johanna Marshall

Soapbox Member Profile: Johanna Marshall

In honor of our STEP UP THE SOAPBOX campaign to support our expansion, we’d like to tell you about some of our members.

Katie Haegele sat down with Johanna Marshall:

What drew you to The Soapbox?
I loved learning bookbinding at Penland School of Crafts, and printmaking at Tyler. But without a press or screenprinting setup available, or a community of makers to learn book stitching techniques from, it was hard to keep learning. It was so exciting to have a community of project-makers at the Soapbox to pool our collective knowledge. And I was so happy to have somewhere to put my zine collection where people could read it!

Would you tell us more about that zine collection?
Happily! As a dorky zine kid in the 90s, I traded with a lot of wonderfully talented and thrilling writers, some of whom I’m still friends with today. I lived out in the boonies before the age of ubiquitous internet, when we all used postal mail. We used to order records and cassettes from the Kill Rock Stars catalog, gawking over it like it was a bulletin from outer space. Imagine?! So it was incredible to get these handmade little publications from people in towns you never heard of, relatable, funny people, out there in the world. I saved all my favorites, and brought them to the Soapbox when it opened. So I hope other people love them like I did!

What’s your area of specialty / background in art?
Knitting, embroidery, sewing, and zinemaking.

Do you have any favorite zines?
There was one in the 90s called A Punk Kid Walks Into A Bar. I used to laugh til I cried. I wonder what happened to that guy.

HowNotToFlirt2What project are you proudest of that you made or worked on at The Soapbox?
Mary and I made a zine called How Not to Flirt.

Perhaps you’ll join us in the new year. Discounted memberships are available through our campaign, or you can join here.