Soapbox Member Profile: Scott Ziegler

Soapbox Member Profile: Scott Ziegler

In honor of our STEP UP THE SOAPBOX campaign to support our expansion, we’d like to tell you about some of our members.

Katie Haegele sat down with the person who got our online library catalog off the ground, Scott Ziegler:

What first drew you to The Soapbox?
I’m a librarian who loves participating in library-ish things in the community. When I heard that the Soapbox would include a zine library, I rushed over to introduce myself and to start working on getting a catalog up, a workflow developed and volunteers lined up. That was several years ago. It’s been a blast!

Do you have a favorite zine?
Oh, my. There’s no way I could choose a favorite. What I enjoy most is a variety, sitting in a room with hundreds of zines and the time to discover links between them and to appreciate the time it took to put them together.

What project are you proudest of that you worked on at The Soapbox?
I’m most proud of working with other librarians and community members to catalog zines, to provide labels and house them in a way that enables us all to find them again. We’ve had a lot of great volunteers over the years who have helped us take in donations, send out thank you cards, scan covers, print labels, and build a fun place to be.